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Photo Booth BackDrops & Wall Rentals

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Sequin Curtains


Black Sequin 8ft x 8ft

Blue Sequin 8ft x 8ft

Cham Gold Sequin 8ft*7ft 

Champagne Sequin 8ft x 8ft

Dark Blue Sequin 6ft*7ft-5in

Dark Pink Sequin 8ft x 8ft

Dark purple Sequin 6ft*7ft-5in

Bold Gold Sequins 7.6*8ft

Green Sequin 8ft x 8ft

Light Pink Sequin 8ft x 8ft

Light(faded) Gold Sequin 8ft x 8ft

Red Sequin 7ft*7ft

Rose Gold Sequin 7ft-8in*8ft 

Silver Sequin 8ft x 8ft

White Sequin 7ft*7ft

Premium Fitted



Blue Lights

Black & Gold Geometry 

Black & Gray Damascus 

Brilliant White

Bold Love

Botanical Garden

Brown Barn Door 

Brown Wood Fence w/ Light Bulbs 

Champagne Sparkle

Comic Book Sound Effects 

Comic Book Chaos

Congratulations Grad

Flat Black(Light Absorber)

Black & Gold Geometric

Black & Grey Damask

Elegant Lights and Greenery

Festive Lights

Gold Bokeh

Gold Disco Sparkle Squares 

Gold Sparkle 

Glitter & Glam Grad

Green Screen 


Premium Fitted


Happy Haunting Trails

Halloween Grunge

Hedge Wall 2 (Green Shrub Look)

Hot Fiery Marble

Light Gray Leather Pillow 

Midnight Sparkle

Neon Light Tunnel

Neon Hearts 

New Years Golden (NYE)

Orange Halloween 

Police Line-up

Pop White

Purple & Yellow Bokeh 

Rainbow Disco Squares

Silver Disco Sparkle Squares

Silver Disco Squares

Silver Sparkle 

Small Gold Sequins

Sparkler New Year

Tropical Paradise

White & Red Christmas Present

Wedding Gold and White Marble

White Wood Flooring

White Leather Pillow

White Wash Wood

Wall Rentals


Shimmer Wall 8x8' $250 w/ Photo Booth

BoxWood Hedge 9'9 $150 w/ Photo Booth

White Curtains w/ LED Lighting $150 w/ Photo Booth

iParty LED Inflatable Room 10x10' $200 w/ Photo Booth

Neon Vogue Booth $1000

Ultrawide Backdrop 10x8 $400 w/ Photo Booth

Green Screen $200 w/ Photo Booth

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500+ BackDrops Designs Available

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