“The BEST way to share photos with retouching or editing is by creating a Favorites List.”

Retouches & Editing

Require a Favorites List to ensure we work on the proper image ;pated in your photo gallery.

There are times you may want that extra "pop" to your favorite photos. We can do a wide variety of retouching and editing. Please remember editing services are by special request in and completed in the order they are received. There're many types of editing and some requests require more time than others. Please create a Editing favorites list to Get a quote.

Common Requests $

  • Cropping & Straightening
  • Basic Skin Smoothing
  • Exposure Adjustment
  • Matte Finish, Black & Whites, Filters
  • Basic Object Removal
  • 1 Pimple/Zit

Moderate Retouching $$

  • Skin Airbrushing (Glam)
  • Red Face Skin Tone Balance Adjustment
  • Medium Acne

Extensive Photoshop Work $$$

  • Body Manipulation (Weight, Disfigurement, etc..)
  • Eye Swapping (Closed Eyes)
  • Person Removal
  • Extensive Acne


How To Request Additional Editing

Please Use Your Desktop for the best experience,

Smartphones and tablets may have icons in alternate gallery locations based on the device's browser.

Step 1 - Login To Your Photo Gallery

The link & CLIENT password is located at the bottom of your email.

Provide Family & Guests a Guest Password by requested one via email.

Step 2 - Create A Favorites List

In your gallery, click the heart icon to create a favorites list of the photos you would like edited.

Step 3 - Label Your Favorites List

Label your favorites list "Special Edit Request" so we know you would like these photos edited. Please write a brief description of what you'd like done to the photos.

Step 4 - Share With The Photographer

After labeling your favorites list, click the Paper Airplane icon in the top right hand corner. This is the Share icon. Once shared the photographer will receive your request.

We will review your request and provide some options based on the additional work requested.