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Common Questions

Sharing a Photo Gallery with Guests, Friends, & Vendors

Please email us directly for a separate link and password. We will email you as quickly as possible. Inside the email will also have instructions for your invited Photo Gallery Guests.

My Password Won't Work

We use multiple different online software and pages. It can be confusing, I know...below is a quick guide to some of our common tools.

All of the following tools we use may have different passwords.

Please use the Search Function in your email to find your specific password. (example of a search : type" Gallery Jay Grubb" or " teaser Jay Grubb")

Tools That Require Unique Passwords:
Photo Gallery
Client Portal

Video Files Not Playing Properly

Remember we film in True 4K and some of the files are very large. Check the specifications of your device for capabilities..

Refer to the Hard Drive/Video Technical PDF Guide located on your shipped hard drive.

The Hard Drive/Video Download Guides are available as free downloads in the Client Portal.

#1 Solution
On a computer, download VLC Media Player. Links & Tips are on Client Portal Page

#2 Make sure you have ample storage on your device.

#3 Update your device to the latest operating system.

Current Delivery Estimates

All estimated delivery times are not guaranteed.

Expedited Service of photos, edited films, Christmas Cards, Thank You Cards, or special requests are available. Please contact Jay for a quote.

We highly recommend reading your teaser email, package details and or contract for specifics.

Each event is unique & have different delivery times based on the package, amount of post production work required, time of year, and or special requests.

Events around holidays (Example: July 4th, October-December) are busier than others with multiple events on the same date. We are closed surrounding major holidays to spend time with family and friends.

Receiving Photos & Videos

Please review your package details first for how your package states the delivery (Digital Download or via USPS)

Regularly check your email (spam/junk) for any updates we may send.

Online Premium Photo Galleries are emailed with a link, password & a download pin.

"Digital Download" Packages may arrive via "Smash" via email. See the Technical Support for. more information about Smash.

"Express" Packages generally receive a USB Thumb Drive or hard drive via USPS. We will email a notification for delivery & tracking.

Google Drive is also one of our favorite delivery methods. You can "Google" this service and learn how the service works.


Generally we delivery items in this order:
1. Photo Booth Gallery or Video Booth Galleries
2. Video Hard Drives Shipped
3. Photo Teasers (Sneak Peeks)
4. Full Photo Galleries
5. Video Teasers
6. Edited Films

This may vary according to packages, holidays, changing workflows, or unforseen circumstances.

How do I receive my raw video & or edited film?

Please review your package details first.

Educate your self with some of the cool video guides in the technical support area on this page.

Most clients with an edited film will receive a link & password to their film digitally to download.

Regularly check your email (spam/junk) for updates.

For Express Labeled Packages you may receive a usb thumbdrive, digital download link, or hard drive....again I suggest reviewing your package details to be sure.

Can I edit my photos

Please read your specific package & contract terms and conditions. If you have specific request please reach out.

Can I edit my raw wedding video footage?

Yes. For personal purposes only.

We do offer edited post production services if not included in your package.

Raw video footage may not be used marketing of any kind.

Please reach out and we can discuss arrangements.

Be sure to educate your self about royalty free music.

Lost Gallery Password

If you lost the link and or password to a current active gallery, we would be delighted in resending this to you via email. Identity Verification may be required.

Please email us at to best assist you.

Expired Photo Gallery | Photo Gallery No Longer Active

If you forgot to download your photos from your photo gallery or lost the photos, we can relupload or restore the photo gallery for a fee for the additional work..

Please email us at to best assist you.

Client Accidentally Deleted Photos/Video or Client's Computer Hard Drive Failed

Should this occur, you'll be delighted knowing we may have a backup of your memories. We have a Retrieve & Restore service available for a small fee depending on the complexity.

We also offer Data Recovery Services for computers and storage devices.

Contact Jay for a quote or assistance.

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